How to earn hours?

That is the question. Because you often think: I am unable to do anything and I do not have time.

First, you have to know that making an ad does not engage you to anything, you will alway be able to refuse the persons you do not want. You also have to know that some services will take you so little time that you will not even notice!

Send a sponsorship to your contacts. The SMS is already written, you will only have to enter the contacts you will send the SMS to. You will receive 30mn per created account. This is efficient and not time consuming. Go for it before it disappears …

If you are shopping regularly or you go to the Drive, or even when you order them via Internet, you can make a proposition of service (Category: Help shopping – Subcategory: Supermarket). For sure you will not do the shopping for a 5 persons family with 3 hungry teenagers. You can only offer to take small missing things (eggs, flour, rice …). The person will pay you back the money spent and you will earn time in your Tempo time counter.

If you have the chance to buy your bread in a bakery every day, you can post an ad for shopping-bakery. Enter your neighbourhood to be sure you will not drive 20km for a baguette. Category: Help shopping – Subcategory: Bakery.

If you are travelling to the airport, the trail station etc, you can offer to take someone with you. (Category: car-sharing).

You can also carry packages to another town during one of your travel. Just check the content is not illegal! (Category: car-sharing – Subcategory: Bringing a package).

You can also take care of an animal during the holidays. (Category: Animals).

Water your neighbour plants during his/her holidays. (Category: Gardening – Subcategory: Watering)

If you are an excellent cooker, you can share your grand-mother famous receipe of lasagnas during a cooking class at your place. Invite several friends, your counter will be credited by each participant. (Category: Home help – Subcategory: Cooking).

Offer or ask for conversations in foreign languages. They can take place in a bar downtown. If you are giving them, you can even have several persons and cumulate the hours! (Category: Foreign languages)

Help organizing a party, give fashion advice, and, to reward yourself: take a singing class! (Category: Fun activity).

Offer your help to create a résumé or an administrative letter. (Category: Less fun activity)

You are going to be so popular! Spend some times explaining WhatsApp and how to administrate it! (Category: Technical).

Help reorganizing cupboards or furnitures. (Category: Home help).

And, of course, there are plenty others: homework, handiwork, relocation … And, if all these categories are not enough, you can also choose « Other ».

About spending your hours, that should be less problematic …